I am struggling understanding the lighting controls aspect of DIVA.  For a particular space for instance, one can have the manual on/off or continuous dimming control.  What protocol does the continuous dimming follow: is it open-loop (sees only daylight) or closed-loop (sees electric and daylight)?  Where is the default for sensor placement, can the sensor be moved (like in Daysim), or what is the suggested protocol/assumptions made? Does the node selection act as the critical point (driving factor for dimming lighting)?

If someone could please explain the engineering behind the software calculations that would be great.  Any links to tutorials would be greatly appreciated.



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Hello Reinhardt,

I can direct you to the tutorial by Christoph Reinhart on the lighting controls in DIVA (from DIVA-Day 2012): DR 2: New Lighting Module  (Video) (C Reinhart, Solemma). DIVA uses Daysim for the simulations, so everything is an open-loop method. The control sensors can be moved by clicking the 'Select Nodes' option from the lighting controls menu. Our documentation page for that is here.



Oh and the Daysim documentation page on the subject is probably also useful!


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