I have been running the LEED v4 sDA+ASE analysis and when I start the analysis I get the pop up message "Some nodes do not belong to sDA control groups. Do you need to set sDA_300lx control groups before continuing?"

I have been choosing NO. The program then proceeds to do some things in the background and it then produces percentages and an Analysis grid just like with all the other metrics. Are these results still vaild even though I did not set any control groups? What is DIVA actually doing when I select the NO option in the pop up dialog?

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Hi Plamena,

If you are running calculations for a single room, that is fine. What DIVA is doing is saying that ALL of your sensor nodes belong to one control group. Whenever 2% of all nodes are hit by direct sunlight, the virtual shades will close. If you are running a multi-room or whole building analysis, you need to set the control nodes for each room.



Got it! Thank you for clarifying, Alstan.



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