Hi all,


I received an error saying "ds_illum.exe has stopped working". See images below.


There is a thread about this error in the old google groups forum(https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/diva-for-rhino/uz-dWI0xDx4/3K...) but I thought I would reopen the discussion here.



Restarting, rebuilding, resetting all values and deleting the entire temp project folder did not work for me. I was finally able to fix the error by changing the file name of my project. At first it was titled "OfficeGlassTest_S_6_Glass_48_Solid_.5_8.06_1.09_Viracon_VE3-2M_35VLT". I changed it to "OfficeGlassTest_S_6_Glass_48_Solid_.5_8.06_1.09_35VLT" and it worked.


I don't see anything wrong with the original title, so I assume the error was fixed when the name change created a brand new project. Restarting and rebuilding components didn't seem to make a difference so long as the project title remained the same. In the end, I really don't know why it was broken or how exactly it got fixed, but hopefully this post can help someone else who might have this error. Good luck everybody.

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Hi Leland,

It is possible that ds_illum didn't like the length of your file path or the filename, but that shouldn't be the case. Glad you overcame the issue though!


Hi Leland

I received the same error when I selected the option to reuse the Daylight Coefficients even though I had changed the nodes configuration.

I hope this may be of help for someone else.



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