I am trying to apply a dynamic shading control over a buildings' south facade. I am new to Rhino+DIVA . I know there is an option to define dynamic shading under materials -

1) but can that be configured for movable/rotating external louvers also or is it for blinds only?

2) If yes, how does it take in to account the required Illuminance levels required inside the building?

3) Can I run Daylight metric simulation for sDA+ASE with this schedule?

Or if there is a better workflow in Grasshopper?

Thank You,

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Hi Aakash,

1) Dynamic shading elements can be external louvers.  See this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qebIY9BgD3U

2) Unless you have run an annual glare simulation to predict user behavior (as in the tutorial), you should use the "Select Nodes" option to pick occupant location(s).  DIVA will use the 'most open' shading state that keeps direct sulight below 50 W/m2 at the selected nodes.

3) Yes.

Grasshopper doesn't support multiple shading states per window, so you should use Rhino for this.


Thank you Jon. That was helpful insight.

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