dynamic shading :problems with change the shading facade state hourly

hello DIVA experts:   I want to simulate these kind of kinetic facade or named dynamic facade.  The pics are of Q1 building . The feathered like shape is a kind of shading, which can rotate in a day . The second picture showed the changing mode.  I want to simulate the process . However, it fails everytime.   I  created a standard room, and use the south facade to test the dynamic shading.  Idealy, the shading device will change its state many times in a day .  In order to do a test and save time , I used three states to simplify the process and do the simulation. I know to assign different shading states in different layers through  the button materials>shading controls.  and I hope the shading devices would change  their state to avoid glare.  So I set the parameters as follows.   However, it failed after a few minutes.   

1)  Am I doing the right thing to simulate these kind dynamic shading? I want to compare different type of kinetic facade and different parameter or size of the same type in the end. 

2)  If I have more states, how can each state know "when its their turn to work" according to the time? eg .hourly?

3) how can I let the shading change its angle according to the sun position, like the one showed in the case ?

Thanks for your reading and effort.


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Dear Zhening,

I have been away from the forum a long time, and I apologize that no one answered your question. Being that so much time has passed, this is likely no longer useful to you; however, I would still like to respond.

In this case, I see two potential issues with your setup

  1. You're missing an external lighting sensor in the setup. This shouldn't cause the simulation to fail however. I think I'd need to see your files directly to diagnose the problem.
  2. You should have a "Base Geometry Layer" setup in the control system. Even at its most open, the shade is present in some way, so it needs to be represented in the initial calculation. Right now it looks like your 'open' case is without a shade at all.



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