dynamic shading :problems with change the shading facade state hourly

hello DIVA experts:   I want to simulate these kind of kinetic facade or named dynamic facade.  The pics are of Q1 building . The feathered like shape is a kind of shading, which can rotate in a day . The second picture showed the changing mode.  I want to simulate the process . However, it fails everytime.   I  created a standard room, and use the south facade to test the dynamic shading.  Idealy, the shading device will change its state many times in a day .  In order to do a test and save time , I used three states to simplify the process and do the simulation. I know to assign different shading states in different layers through  the button materials>shading controls.  and I hope the shading devices would change  their state to avoid glare.  So I set the parameters as follows.   However, it failed after a few minutes.   

1)  Am I doing the right thing to simulate these kind dynamic shading? I want to compare different type of kinetic facade and different parameter or size of the same type in the end. 

2)  If I have more states, how can each state know "when its their turn to work" according to the time? eg .hourly?

3) how can I let the shading change its angle according to the sun position, like the one showed in the case ?

Thanks for your reading and effort.


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