I just ran my first ever dynamic shading, and a bit confused. after running the DA calc, it shows that the blinds close at what seems like the correct time, but they don't open again. do i have to add a 2nd glazing state showing open again? the shade i just a 2% Tvis mecoshade.

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Hi Dan,

The manual shading control system assumes a certain kind of user. Once they are uncomfortable and close the blinds, the blinds stay closed until the next time they re-enter the space (after a lunch break or going home and coming back). If you want to see the blinds responding to daylight on a much shorter timescale, you will need the automated control systems.

A few references below:

Reinhart, Christoph F. "Lightswitch-2002: a model for manual and automated control of electric lighting and blinds." Solar Energy 77.1 (2004): 15-28.
DR 1: New Shading Module (Video) (A Jakubiec & J Niemasz, Solemma) - From DIVA Day 2012

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