Hi everybody,
I'm new in this forum so I hope to ask something which has never been treated in any other discussion before.
I'm trying to modelling a window with dynamic shading system. I'm interested in knowing better the functioning of the manual and automatic system.
Which are the threshold at which they are switched on? How can I understand how they works and the thresholds? (For example are they a certain value of lux or W?)
Which is the material of the roller shade?
Is there a manual that is possible to read in order to find answers to my questions?

Thank you very much.

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Hi Carlotta,

The example file "C:\DIVA\ExampleFiles\Grasshopper\Daylight\02_AnnualDaylight_C_WindowsAndShades.gh" has a description of manual and automatic sensors.

In both cases (manual and auto) the threshold for direct sun exposure is 50 W/m2 direct normal irradiance.  Manual shades use the Lightswitch algorithm to determine when occupants raise or lower the blinds.

Details on the roller shade material (and all other default materials) can be found in the file "C:\DIVA\Daylight\material.rad".


Hi Jon,

Sorry for the late reply and thank you very much for you answer, it was very useful.

Unfortunately I had a new problem. I tried to model my customize shading system but when I run the symulation I get an error on the grid. How can I manage the problem?

I've attached the files as you can see below.

Thank you very much for your time and work



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