Hi all,

I'm trying to simulate a bedroom with 2 zones and a third one, which is an aisle. The E+ model works OK until I add the North windows. I've attached the files.

Any help will be welcome.


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try offsetting them a little bit from the edges of the parent surfaces. E+ does not support windows touching any edges. 

Hi Timur,

I´ve already done so and the matter is that E+ seems to be reading the roof as planar not tilted. When I draw the windows below the roof lowest level, it works. The same happens when I draw a higher box up to the highest level and draw the windows at the correct high.

The problem is that any of these changes modify the air volume and the solar radiation on the roof, in both cases. I´ve already intended to split the main solid into a box + a triangle-base extrusion.

How can I make E+ read the correct angle and the windows real position?

Thanks in advance.

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