I have an office building with a elecrochromic glazing facade. This is divided both vertically and horizontally creating a grid. I have two users and I want to solve the glare by changing the light transmittance of every portion of the facade independently.  I know that this is possible in Rhino, but I am wondering if it is possible also in grasshopper. The result that I want to obtain is that the software tells me the state(%of tint of the electrochromic glass) of every square of the grid during the office schedule over the year. After that I want to understand what is the level of illuminace and the daylight autonomy on the desks due to the different facade compositions in order to compensate the insufficient amount of light with the electric lighting and have a final energy balance.

The problems I am having until now are that I don't have an individual behaviour of every portion of the facade; I cannot correlate the behaviour of the facade with the DGP, and I cannot have a illumance level as consequence of the modified facade.

Attached there are the Rhino and grasshopper files and two sketches about a possible approach for the solution.

Thank you in advance,


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