Hi there,

Does anybody knows if is possible to run DIVA for GH having Energyplus 7.1 installed? (I have DIVA 2.0 and the last gha file, algo GH 0.80066 and rhino 4 SR9 on windows 7)

I have no outputs from viper when the boolean troggle is on. Seems like a dos windows pop-up but only for a milisecond and the pofiler says that the component just takes 100ms without errors. I also tried to save both files on desktop...

If EP7.1 is not compatible with diva, where can I find the 7.0?

Any other ideas???

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Santiago,


DIVA ships with EnergyPlus v7.0.  You should be able to install 7.1 side-by-side, although DIVA will not use it.


Based on your screenshot, I can see that DIVA for Grasshopper 2.0 is not loaded.  (The icons are from v1.9.)  Make sure to replace the gha file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Rhinoceros 4.0\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components with the new one and reopen Rhino and Grasshopper.



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