I have a model where I am trying to run the LEED sDA and ASE analysis. It is a large building, with some complex geometry and not so clean export from ArchiCAD. Due to the large area to be evaluated, I broke it down into 15 or so simulations, which each about 2000-3000 nodes for export. So apart from some details, the geometry is identical in all these simulations.

Most of the simulations run smoothly (with 4 ab about 1 day simulation time), but some simulations have to be rerun and rerun for me to get results. One simulation will just not get results..

I have tried to mesh all surfaces before exporting to DIVA, adjusting the OBJECT-export properties as advised, rerunning the four steps (Location, Nodes, Shades, Metric) before each run, running with fewer nodes.. Typically, the simulation starts, runs for a couple of hours, then presents the window to show the results. When clicking ok, I receive the error "input past end of line" and no results are loaded or present in the Temp-folder.

I have attached the content of my Temp folder (without .obj etc as too large) for the stubborn case. Maybe also relevant: these simulations are run on a demo license.



Tags: LEED, VBScript, error, runtime, sDA

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