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I have done a "surface analysis" for my energy model and it looks good, but when I plug the model into the energy Plus module and run the analysis, I see a list of errors (please see attached) related to the windows (skylights). The openings are square, planar, and in the same plane that the roof is, which is all resolved and working shown in the energy model. I'm not sure why I am getting the error in Energy Plus. I appreciate your help.

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Hi Niloufar,

If this is just a single zone, my recommendation would be to simplify this just one window and one flat roof surface.

The equivalent areas should of course match. This will run much faster and will be equally accurate.

if you can attach your model here, I can investigate this error you are getting a bit more.

Hi Timur,

Thanks for your response. I changed the meshing from quad to triangular and that solved part of the misreadings. It's still not capturing the perforations located at a sharp angle of the surfaces. I think I will go with your suggestion of using equivalent roof light area. I am attaching the file for your convenience.




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