Error in GH in Daylight Component: Required Analysis Files

Hi Guys,

I get the error message below and no results using the GH daylight component. I have ran a simulation on Diva for rhino first and the analysis folder has been created so it should work. Not sure what to do.

I hope you can help.

Many thanks,


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Hi Arthur,

Are you using the DIVA 2.0 toolbar with the 1.9 Daylight component? Their was a major name in the file structures between the two and they are not compatible, so this could explain the error. Try using the new 2.0 component available from the user guide>DIVA for Grasshopper>installation and setup, or reinstall DIVA 2.0 - the new component should be included c:DIVA folder. Let us know if this resolves the issue.


Hi Jeff,

Thank you very much! Although I installed DIVA 2.0 it did not update the GH component. Now that I replaced the component it seems to work better but still does not display results, please see below. What should I do? Many thanks.

Hi Jeff,

Sorry I clicked on the download key and it downloaded an even newer version which now works.

Many thanks,


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