I have a model with a lot of trusses, when I run the simulation I get an error.

in UDI simulation it was saying that it can't find the .ill file. and in point in time illuminance I am getting this warnings that eventually cause to not completing the simulation.

Could somebody please help me?



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Hi Zahra,

Those warning messages are pretty safe to ignore. I know they are a little disconcerting, but they came about because we don't allow Radiance to automatically triangulate every 4-point mesh that gets exported to the simulation.

> I get an error. in UDI simulation it was saying that it can't find the .ill file

This is, of course,a more serious problem. Were you able to get a simulation result after this?



Thanks for your reply, No I was not it keeps giving the warnings and then stop because of some errors.

Do you think it might be because of the geometry of the building or something else?

Hi Zahra,

Sorry for this late reply. Your message got pushed off the front page and I didn't notice. If you still have the issue, could you zip your C:\DIVA\Temp\RhinoFileName\ directory and e-mail it to me at alstan@solemma.net?



Thanks Alstan, I was able to runt the simulation when I played with the geometry and made it cleaner.

Thanks for your reply. 


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