Hello all!

I've just installed Diva4Rhino version 4.0 but it does not work. When I run Rhino a window called DIVA 4.0 Trial Licence informations opens. As I click on Continue, in order to load Diva plugin on Rhino, another window pops up reporting "Error loading - DIVA".

On details "Unable to load DIVA.rhp plugin: application initialisation failed" is written.

I noticed on DIVA's download page that some problems about trial licence are known by Solemma. I've already downloaded the suggested licence file on C.\DIVA\folder but still not working.

Is there some suggestions or other way to solve my problem?

Thank you so much.

Argun Paragamyan

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I am also having the same issue. I have attached a screenshot of the error message that appears. Any help is appreciated - thank you!

Zach Whiteman


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