Hey everyone,

I have a problem loading the Energy Plus EPW file. I choose the location, load the file and when I want to assign the Nodes it says that the EPW file couldn't be loaded. Please see the screenshot attached.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Anastasia,

Is your weather file located in C:\DIVA\Weather Data\? If so, what happens if you run Rhino as an administrator and re-run the location command (right-click > run as administrator)?



Yes the epw file is stored under the C:\DIVA\Weather Data\ - directory. I also tried to run Rhino as administartor, same issue... That's the message that I get before, but no matter if I klick on yes or no, the epw-file is not loading

Hi Anastasia,

I've never experienced this problem before, so sadly I can't give an immediate answer. Which EPW file are you using? If it is one that didn't come with DIVA, can you upload it here? And does using a different EPW file work?


Dear Alstan,

I am experiencing the same issue as Anastasia, but I am using the EPW file as attached.

Hope this may be of help to you.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Hui Wen


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