I am attempting to run a quick daylight visualization but keep receiving an error that I can only interpret as there is not enough light entering the space I am analyzing. I ran the same model on Diva 3 and it was working fine. I have adjusted the time and removed layers without any positive results. attached is a screenshot of the error message

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Here is another error message.


You may be right, especially if your view scene geometry is complex for Radiance to reverse raytrace.

Start your troubleshooting by increasing the number of ambient bounces (-ab parameter). From the first screenshot it appears you are only simulating with two bounces. If no rays are able to reach the camera in a given number of bounces DIVA and Radiance will throw an error. Try increasing -ab incrementally, or a try -ab 0 (direct sun only) at a time when you know direct light can enter the space.

Hi William,

This error usually means that no light is reaching your camera. Are you sure that there is a path for light to enter your space? Three things you can do to see the model in order to troubleshoot,

  1. Render the space from an outside view.
  2. Add -av 1 1 1 to the Radiance command line parameters. This creates fake light in order to see the scene.
  3. Make sure your camera location is not clipping through a wall by zooming in a little bit.



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