Hi all,

I've run into some problems trying to run DIVA through Grasshopper.  More specifically, I've been unable to run DIVA through Grasshopper.  I created a shoebox model to test the process, and as you can see, DIVA runs fine through Rhino, but once I attempt to run the same test in Grasshopper, I get an error. 

Diva in Grasshopper:

I've attached the shoebox model and the grasshopper code.  Thoughts?

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Hi Justin,

Your definition looks fine, and runs properly on my end.  Grasshopper uses a different app to launch simulations, called diva.exe (in C:\DIVA\bin).  It's possible that something's wrong with this file, or that your computer won't let you run it.

Can you try opening a command prompt, changing to the bin directory, and typing "diva info", as below?



Looks like you may have found the issue.  I get the following errors:


This can happen with truncated files.  If your AV/firewall didn't trust the file (or solemma.net, from which it came), it may have put the clamps on.  You can try re-downloading the file from this location to see if your AV flags it.  If so, you may have to add the file and url to an exception list.

Thanks Jon, that seems to be the exact issue.  On that note, it looks like our firewall took out exiv2.exe and diva-update.exe as well.  I'll check with our IT department to determine if we can get solemma.net white listed.

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