I have just installed DIVA 4 and when i open Gh with any DIVA command I get the following error.

1. Solution exception:Could not load file or assembly 'liblmxnet, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=90722b9029280ba7' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

Is there any way I can fix it soon?



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Hi Swetha,

Usually this means that you are using our 64-bit installer on a 32-bit only machine, if I recall correctly. Does the DIVA toolbar in Rhino load properly when you run the Location command?


Hi Alstan,

I tried both of them. The DIVA toolbar doesnot run either the 64 bit or the 32 bit. It says "Unknown command: ProjectInfo".

Hmm -- is your Rhino language set to English? If so, it seems like something may truly be going wrong with the installation.


Yes, its set to English. It would be helpful if you can suggest on what I can do to fix this?

Hi Swetha,

You will need to follow the below instructions to perform a manual installation,

Missing the DIVA toolbar or receiving an 'unknown command' error?

If you do not see the DIVA toolbar docked at the top of the screen, you will need to browse to the C:\DIVA\ folder and open either the 32bitPluginFiles or the 64bitPluginFiles folder depending on the version of DIVA you have installer. Once in the appropriate 32/64-bit folder, drag the DIVA.rui and DIVA.rhp files into the Rhino viewport.

Make sure that you use the appropriate version of Rhino for the plugin folder which you see in C:\DIVA\ (32 or 64 bit). Usually this process is automatic, so I suspect you have some sort of special security features or lack of administrator status on your machine.


Thank you Alstan.

The error message that I have mentioned earlier is after the above mentioned process. I have tried it with both 64 & 32 bit versions. 



I had the same issue before, when I've read this post and opened both Rhino and Diva in 32x versions. After what, the warning text has changed to the following:

1. License not found.
LM-X Error: (Internal: 251 Feature: diva-grasshopper)

(Err: 18) System clock has been set back

For further information go to http://www.x-formation.com

I also can't set a location and do anything in Diva for Rhino with the message:

Command: ProjectInfo

Unknown command: ProjectInfo

When I opened Rhino for the first time, there was information about a missing licence file, which I have in the right location and right name, as far as I am aware (C:\DIVA\diva.lic). Even 30-days trail didn't run, I've got this message straight away.

I would appreciate any help,


Hello. Same problem

Hello same problem here.

At some point when trying, I even got 2 DIVA toolbars. But none of them is working.

Even comands like "SubNodes" and "ProjectInfo" seem right and show no signs of error, but still no action from the program.

Please some help

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