I would like to format my DIVA results into an Indesign document.  I have found two options both of which are not totally ideal. 

1. The option to print from a viewport and saving the image as a jpeg is ok however when blowing up an image in indesign it becomes pixelated. I could just take a viewport that is zoomed in on the area however it would be nice to have one image that could be manipulated for closeups as well as full sized images. (possibly vector based)

2. Make 2D option is good but it doesn't bring any of the colors or gradient information.

Are there other options?



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One quick and dirty approach is to use Print, but increase the page size to make a very large image file.  You can then play with line widths to get the reading you want.  It will still be rastered, but at least it will be high res.


Thanks Jon, I will try that.

Hi Jay,

One other thing you can do is to render the grids using your Rhino-based rendering program of choice. They should all have a rendering material applied; however, the scale legend will not render.


if you absolutely need vectors and the large print + raster compositing does not work for you, you can always live-trace the results grid in illustrator. since it's just rectangles, you can easily get a vector-traced grid out of it that you can then scale to your heart's content, with no printing resolution/dpi headaches. works like a charm.

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