Just wondering if there are any known tricks for exporting the shaded analysis grid as a vector image or pdf? The only way it seems to export is if you print the file as a rastered PDF; at this point for large buildings the node values as much too small to read. It seemed that saving the view as a wmf or illustrator file had a lot of potential graphically for presentations but none of these options export the analysis grid.

Thanks for any help!


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Hi Steve,

Good questions, I can get the analysis mesh to export to illustrator, but they show up as the false colored mesh face outlines without the face color. DWG and DXF export do export the closed outline path to illustrator, so a script in illustrator may be able to change the outline color to the fill.  I usually use the ScreenCaptureToFile command in rhino and save a tif and if I need to just get the analysis mesh on a layer I batch process them in Photoshop removing the background color and saving as png. But having the colored mesh faces as a vector layer in illustrator would be smoother.

Checked again on this and it seems hatches will export from rhino to illustrator as solid fill objects. Will work on having this as an option in the future.


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