Dear all,

Currently I am trying to calculate the Average Daylight Factor with DIVA 3.0 in grasshopper.

By running two simulations and only modifying the irradiance in the CIE.Overcast.Sky.rad file, I would expect to have the similar Daylight Factor result, but in the contrary the result changed. 

I only changed the line below from the CIE.Overcast.Sky.rad file:

!gensky 12 21 12.00 -c -a 42.300 -o 71.100 -m 75.000 -B 100


!gensky 12 21 12.00 -c -a 42.300 -o 71.100 -m 75.000 -B 83.8

(15000lux / 179lm/W = 83.8W/m2)

By using -B 100 the Daylight Factor is 6.82

While using -B 83.8 the Daylight Factor is 5.72

Does anyone know why the Daylight Factor changes?

Thank you!

Best regards,


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