I received the *.lic file, renamed and saved per instructions.  However, I'm still getting the same software expiration message.  Suggestions?

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Same problem here! 

Hello to both of you,

- Make sure that the file is indeed named 'diva.lic' and not 'diva.lic.lic.'

- Can you copy and paste the detailed error message from the Rhino command line / command history? After you click Continue on the popup window some extra messages should be printed there.



Hi Alstant, 

Thanks for your fast answer. The file is correctly named yes. 

In my case, there is no error message in the Rhino command line, but the Trial License Information window pops up: 

A valid DIVA 3.0 license was not found in C:\DIVA\diva.lic and your 30-day trial period has expired.

Please visit the links below to either purchase a license or register for a free student license.

You will not be able to use DIVA until a valid license is acquired.

It should look something like this.

Ah right yes exactly: 

Loading Rhino Render, version 1.50, Feb 26 2015, 11:46:10
Command: ProjectInfo
LM-X Error: (Internal: 844 Feature: diva-rhino)

(Err: 9) Feature not found

For further information go to http://www.x-formation.com

Unknown command: ProjectInfo

Problem resolved.  I had input the Unique_ID incorrectly when requesting the license.

Ah, I probably have the same problem, I realize I used the DIVA v2 unique id when asking for the license for DIVA v3. Alstan, shall I just request a new license with the correct id then? 

I have a loading error in DIVA for a test license that expired, reinstalled everything, I received a student license, we followed all the steps and I contemplated these errors and I do not know what to do. My PC is 64 bits, Rhino is 64 bits, DIVA is 64 bits, files is DIVA.lic, everything is in the same language. I need help, I've been trying to make it work for months and I need to do simulations of my undergraduate thesis.


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