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The image with get for the DGP is an eyefish image with cyan, green, yellow and blue showing where is a high value of cd/m2 (I think so). How I can obtain the same mask from an .pic eyefish image?? (Without change the entire color of the image like the one that you get with falsecolor everywhere, only the place where is a high value)

PD: I attach the image that I need.



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Hi Felipe,

the colors in the DGP images do not carry real meaning as in denoting a specific value, as far as I am aware. Hence, you cannot easily reproduce it with falsecolor, since that will work on the radiance image pixel values directly, and all of them. You could call evalglare directly from the command line - that's the program that makes the "dgp false colors" - for an image you already have, but then you might as well just do it through DIVA in the view you want and don't have to worry about the command line parameters.

Hope this helps,


Hi Felipe,

DIVA doesn't keep the Evalglare 'check' file, which is the file with those colors present. You can generate the same image from the resulting .pic file from your simulation using the following command,

evalglare -c colored_output_image.pic input_image.pic



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