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I realize that +Y == North is due to the way Daysim and/or other analysis tools operate. But we could sure benefit from the ability to set the North direction offset. The other apps we are working with all have this ability; Revit, Ecotect, 3dsMax etc. Having to rotate imported models, work with rotated CPlanes in Rhino and maintain rotations in grasshopper is less than ideal. Then when we export from rhino/gh we have to realign everything within Revit etc....


It would be fantastic to have DIVA and DIVA-GH consider Rhino's Sun North direction and then rotate the model on export to Daysim along with cameras/views etc. much like Ecotect.


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Hi Jonah,

I was going to suggest using a rotated CPlane, but I can already see that solution is not ideal for you.

While personally I like North to always be 'up', we've received this request a number of times by now. Definitely we will consider to add it, but it might not be very soon.

Really thank you for your feedback. 



A fairly easy workaround is rename your geometry .rad file (e.g.  'model.rad') to 'Model_unrotated.rad' and create a new 'model.rad' with the following text: "!xform -rz 42 model_unrotated.rad" where you should replace 42 by the appropriate angle. (Check an image to make sure). This rotates your geometry using the right north angle. See more: http://radsite.lbl.gov/radiance/man_html/xform.1.html. I copied this method from su2rad, the sketchup to Radiance plugin. 

Then you rerun the batch file in your Diva/Temp/Model_name directory to get the correct results.



One thing to keep in mind with this is that if you rotate the geometry, the points are left unrotated, so a transformation needs to be applied to both.


Hello Alstan,

i was working with a rotated rhino model to match north orientation. I am doing simulation through GH, if i input norht angle shall fix orientation for my daylight simulations without rotating rhino model?



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