Hi everyone,

I saw this post on the Rhino news blog that says DIVA 4.0 for Grasshopper contains the forward ray tracing photon mapping module by Roland Schregle:


I'm wondering where I can find this module in the DIVA plugin interface or if there are any tutorials available?

Ideally I'd like to conduct a study for a geometry I have looking at the effect of surface imperfections (i.e. roughness) on the reflected radiation profile from this geometry to a receiving surface and this ray tracer in DIVA could be really useful if it is in-fact implemented in the current version.


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Hi Daniel,

The Photon Map / forward raytrace module is only implemented into the Rhino toolbar at the moment, not Grasshopper. There are no tutorials available, but you can reach it under Metrics > Visualizations > Advanced Radiance Parameters > Run Photon Map. Two points for your study:

  1. Make sure the surface normals of your rough, reflecting material are facing outwards.
  2. Set the photon port material to the surface you wish to reflect the light from.



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