Hi Alstan,

I am doing some thermal calculations on DesignBuilder, and want to see what happens with the same model in DIVA, but the only information that the software (DB) gives about the glazing types is the following: 

Total transmission (SHGC)      0.693
Direct solar transmission         0.604
Light transmission                    0.781

Is there a way to build up a Diva material, i.e, Radiance material,  with only this coordinates?

I have seen the other posts like this one , where the calculation is expalined.

But transmision and transmittance are 2 different things. Is there a way of creating the material with only this information?



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Hi Jorge,

You can just assume that all wavelengths of visible light penetrate the glass equally and use this method.


Thanks Alstan , I found on the web this wonderful program Called Window from the L.Berkley Laboratory. 

Actually Design Builder does have a lot of data from the glazing, not all that the Window-LBL program asks for, but you can get around. 



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