Hi guys! thank you for accepting me into the group!

Currently im simulating a double skin facade, one with glass and the exterior one with plants, and i know that the plants have a little bit of transparentcy in their leafs. So, how can i do this? do you have already created a plants material like this? i dont know much further but i really need to do this for my thesis, if i have to create a new material what data do i need to have of properties of the plants? i have DIVA for  RHINO 4.

thank you very much guys!

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Hi Luis,

Do you know the relative shape of the leaves relative to the planar surface in Rhino (gap fraction) and the transmittance of the plant leaves?



Hi alstan,

Leaves could be circles of 5 cms of radius and 0.50 for transmittance. Thank you very much!

Hi Luis,

Apologies for the delay in reply. I'd use the Trans material to try and model this. Axel's Radiance Cookbookhas a very good description of the material and how to calculate the parameters to define reflectance and transmittance.

So if you will model individual leaves and let them overlap (rather than model a planar surface that encompasses the properties of the leaves), then all you need to do is account for the reflectance and transmittance. By experience, leaves reflect between 5 and 20% of incident light.

This material will get you 50% diffuse transmission and 16.2% reflectance (colored green appropriately).

void trans leaf
7 0.5625 0.75 0.16875 0 0 0.755 0



Hi Alstan,

thank you so much for this, it was very helpfull indeed, i hope to show you the results asap. Thanks!

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