My question is about the "grid spacing" input of the grid component. 
As most standards give maximum values for the grid dimensions I was wondering how DIVA deals with it.

Will it be an average value, a maximum value, ... ? 

Thank you for your reply.


PS: At the following link are some information about the grid size for LEEDS standard: 


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Hi Sebastien,

Grids are divided along isocurves of the generating surface.  DIVA picks a whole number of divisions that most closely matches the requested spacing, so, to answer your question, it's more of an average than a maximum.  This means you should err on the side of caution, and not use the exact maximum spacing for a LEED study.  (Which, for LEEDv4, is 60cm.)

Note that, if your generating surface is lofted or non-planar, the isocurves may not be parallel -- so there may be significant variation in sensor spacing across the grid.



Thank's a lot for your answer. 

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