Hey all,

I have to include reflectance in the material custom properties, how do you do that? since the building in front of our project is having a very high reflectance glass. only thing that glass materials are defined with is Tn. Can somebody help me with that?

Thanks for your help,

Zahra Mirian

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If you only care about the reflectance of the material, not the transmittance, I would use a plastic with some specularity.



Hi Zahra and Alstan,

I am curious how you ended up solving this issue? What material definition did you use, and was it successful in approximating the reflections?

I have a similar question on one of my projects, so would love some feedback on modeling glass with different reflectance values. It seems like the best way might be to use a trans material and account for the reflectance with specularity (Rs). But how does the reflectance translate to Rs? For example, I am looking at VNE19-2M, which lists Exterior, Interior, and Solar Reflectance.



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