I want to get values of annual irradiance for every hour for PV panels. I have multiple different settings (different rotation and angle of tilt) for one PV panel and I want to compare the differences between settings hour by hour.

I am using "Grid Viewer".

  1. I click "Preview" and select "Total Solar Exposure" and add an output "Annual irradiance (hourly values) - Direct" (output name is "lrr_8760").
    1. I get as many 8760-hour data sets as I have grids. I can get the hourly data from the 8760-hour data set by using "Data Viewer" but I get hourly data for only one grid.
  2. I click "Preview" and select "Total Irradiance (scrub hourly data)" and I use the output "Data". Inputs have all the hours of a year (8760 hour)
    1. I get solar irradiance for every hour for every grid which is what I want but it takes a lot of time

Is there any other way to disassemble the 8760-hour data set but using "Data Viewer"? The first procedure is much faster (6 ms vs 57.5 s) but "Data Viewer" gives results for only one grid.

Is there API for Diva so that I could write own script (C#) to do what I want to do?

Tags: PV-panel, Solar Irradiance

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