Hi, I have been trying to develop hourly radiation simulations for a house using point-in-time radiation map analysis but with no success. I also tested out using a visualization component and a Perez Custom sky but it doesn't seem to work either. I assume that the values for the given hour are most likely less than 1 which is why it keeps giving me values of 0? (The visualizations are being taken for August 15th, at two hour intervals). 

Attached I am posting the results I got for the two tests. 

If anyone knows how to do hourly radiation visualizations in DIVA, please let me know! 

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Hi Camila,

A Boston Perez sky on 8/15 @ noon from GHI=500W/m2 gives me the following illuminance on a sphere:

You can check the attached GH file to make sure your setup is the same.

As for Radiation Maps, I don't think there's a way to enter GHI at the moment.  It always draws from the weather file.



Thank you so much for your reply Jon!

Turns out I had set the value for max illuminance too low, that's why it wasn't working.


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