Dear Timur,

My question seems odd, but I was confused when I started to take a close look to the E+ idf. file created by Archsim.

I am doing a research, and so far I've tested both Archsim and Honeybee for PV energy generation. The inputs are a little different between the plug-ins: while Archsim only asks for the PV surfaces, module efficiency and % of PV cells area, Honeybee also requires the user to set a power output per module.

Taking a look at the idf. file generated by Archsim, I observed that Archsim automatically sets a fixed value of 2.000W as power output for each module. This value can be very out of standard PV modules considering small areas, so I am wondering if Archsim really uses this power outuput to calculate PV energy generation. If not, how does it calculate the energy production? Does it consider only hourly irradiance, area of the PV surface, PV module efficiency and % of PV cells to make the calculation?

I also tried to run the .idf file generated by Archsim directly in E+, but it didn't work.



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