Hi DIVA developers,

I read in Ji's discussion about comparing new and old gendaylit.exe programs, where he generated an image and visualized it in wxFalsecolor.exe. See in 


Picture uploaded by Alstan

But I'm wondering how to use a batch script to generate this image, which is probably similar to the script provided by Alstan in another discussion:


  • @REM DIVA GenCumulativeSky Image Batch File
    SET RAYPATH=.;C:\DIVA\Radiance\lib;C:\DIVA\Radiance\bin;C:\DIVA\DaysimBinaries;$RAYPATH
    SET PATH=.;C:\DIVA\Radiance\lib;C:\DIVA\Radiance\bin;C:\DIVA\DaysimBinaries;$PATH
    cd C:\DIVA\temp\gcs_vis
    GenCumulativeSky +s2 -a 1 -o -104 -m -120 -r -E -time 0 24 -date 1 1 12 31 ./SGP_Singapore.486980_IWEC.epw > gcs_vis.cal
    oconv -f gcs_vis_gcsky.rad C:\DIVA\Daylight\material.rad gcs_vis.rad > gcs_vis.oct
    rpict -t 15 -i -ab 1 -ad 1000 -as 20 -ar 300 -aa 0.1 -vf gcs_vis.vf -x 800 -y 600 gcs_vis.oct > gcs_vis_Perspective_kwhm-2.pic
    falsecolor2 -i gcs_vis_Perspective_kwhm-2.pic -s auto -n 10 -l kWhm-2 -z > gcs_vis_Perspective_fc.pic

However I haven't figured it out yet. The following picture shows the result I got after running gendaylit.exe, which I don't how to deal with if I want an image file finally.

Could anyone kindly help me with the batch file? I'm totally confused.

Thanks in advance!!!



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