Hi Diva people!

I have modeled exterior venetian blinds, but they do not appear when I am doing a visualization (even if sometimes they paradoxically do!) or stay unaccounted for when I am doing climate based simulations with advanced shading.

The geometry is obviously not exported!

I have modeled a blind as two bended (and optionally rotated) surfaces of the same shape just a few millimeters distant with the surface normals in opposite directions. Does the gap between the surfaces cause problems?

I have also tried it with simple flat surfaces instead and I have tried to offset the bended surface to a solid.

I have used standard materials (e.g. matte silver).  To be sure I have also tried to avoid the contact of the blinds with adjacent surfaces and I have ensured not to copy two blinds at the same place (which can easily happen).

What am I doing wrong? What is the most simple and reliable way to model venetian blinds?

Thanks a lot in advance!!


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Hi Pascal,

There are some things that can keep a layer from exporting:

1. The layer does not have materials applied.

2. The layer is locked.

3. The layer is hidden.

4. The layer is part of a defined advanced shading system AND the 'hide dynamic shading' checkbox is ticked.

The actual geometry you are using should not cause any problem. If none of the above 4 items apply to your model, please feel free to upload it here so we can take a look.




Hi Alstan,

Thanks for this really quick response!

I guess it was the "hide dynamic shading" button, that I have never really noticed before.

I have the impression that generally the order of doing changes seems to be important for Diva. For example I have managed to make the blinds appear in the visualization even with the "hide dynamic shading" check-box ticked ...

I have another question ... but I think I will pose it in a separate discussion.

Thanks again


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