I need to use split AC units in my simulation. How can I adjust the simulation settings for for using AC unit or Chiller for Cooling and AC units only for heating.  

Here in Egypt, we don't have any reference for the following parameters:

1- No of people

2- Heating COP 

3- Cooling COP

4- Infiltration

5- Fresh air

6- Lighting Load

7- Equipment Load

The previous parameters are listed in Viper component with recommended value Could provide me with reference for these values? 

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Basically, you have to first check all these things:

Check the fan option

Redirect the vents

Use the auto, energy saver fan function

Inspect the filter

And set the timer

If by checking all these things, you still persist the problem, then the best option to get is solved is the consultation of professional services like air conditioning system replacement service NJ, Plumbing choice team, Kook and Son team and many more. Just go on with the professional consultation from your area and get the issue solved in less time.

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