I have a couple of questions regarding the integration of electric lighting into grasshopper.

- How can I import the ies file into my model? In DIVA4Rhino was well explained but for grasshopper I could not find any info.

- How can use the lighting simulation I have done with my ies lumianaries to run the energy simulation (for example, override the lighting settings in the thermal zone with the ones generated by my simulation).

Thanks for the help.

best regards,


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Hi Frederico,
Regarding the second question:
What you need for the thermal simulation is the installed lighting power density and a schedule that modulates the light or turns it off.
Linking a Diva schedule in the thermal simulation is best described here: http://www.solemma.net/TrainingGH.html in video 14.

Jon will get back to you soon regarding question 1.

Hope it helps.

Hi Timur,

Thanks very much for solving the second question. It makes sense.

I am waiting now to know how to do with the ies files.

Let me know!

Thanks again,


Hi Federico,

Unfortunately there is no IES import in Grasshopper at the moment.

This will be making its way into an update soon, but probably not for another month or so.


Thanks Jon for the info

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