ies files dont seem to be working- ERROR file not found/line 128

Hello ,

My first attempt to try the ies seemed to work lovely. Since my first try i cant seem to make anything work now.

All my other ies files seem not to be recognized (Error file not found/line 128) and the ones that seem ti 

be imported, have no effect (lux 0 in all the scene)

Please find attached the images that were successful in bringing the light source.

I am also attaching the light sources used. Please advise on how to proceed o if anyone else experienced this.

Thank you for your time !


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Hello Pavlos,

Which version of DIVA are you using for these calculations?

If you re-run the Location command, can you load the IES files in?



Dear Alstan thenk you for your replky.

I am using the latest version of DIVA and yes i have run the Location command without any success.

I have managed to work it out by deleting the layer DIVA creates for the luminaires and repeating the process of having 

to loading the light source (ies) again in rhino.

Now the problem i am facing is that i am trying to create a library of lights in rhino, as it gets quite confusing with the 

ies names and to keep track. The problem i am facing now is that I realised that i cannot bring multiple ies files and turn one off to test the other etc... Is there any way to actually do this ? 

I have a scene and i would like to bring a differentiate set of lights from spots to fluorescent to panels , and to be able to layer them nicely so in future projects i can remember the specific lights used. 

So far i am getting the attached error when importing several lights...

Thanks ! 

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