I bet this is a stupid question, but I was asked to analyze a room with ikea light fixture, and I need help.

Here is one of the light fixtures


Where can I find the IES file for this to analyze and use in Diva?

Another question is: where can I find the lighting recommendations for house spaces? like living room, kitchen, bedroom.. etc.

Thank you 

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Hi Doaa,

As far as I know, Ikea does not publish IES data for their luminaires. The best you can do might be to model the luminaire and lamp separately, and give the lamp the proper lumen output based on its radiance and surface area. This will likely make the simulation take a long time however, especially if you try to get the lens correct.

As for recommendations, I usually follow the IES lighting handbook, but there are many presentations and tables available online for different residential program lighting recommendations.



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