I am new to diva.I have been running simulations to calculate illuminance and dgp values for a simple office room.I don't know weather this is a valid question. when I am running the daylight image metric to generate hdr images for a particular scene the rendered image opens in wxfalsecolor. My question is that
1. when I click at a particular point on the image a label appears with the luminance values which is way much higher than the actual values.what should I do to get appropriate values.
2. Can I calculate the illuminance values similarly in wxfalsecolor. I tried changing the text under label from cd/m2 to lux but the value remains same...

Also I am confused as the value that appears as label in cd/m2(i.e. luminance) is similar to the actual illuminance values that I measured using a lux meter

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Hi Utkarsh,

1. I presume you are comparing these to actual measured values from a realistic scene? If that is the case, you will need to employ... measured material reflectance values, known glass transmittance values, and use a Perez sky with the measured global irradiance value to get the simulation close to your rendering.

2. You can calculate illuminance values, but not by simply changing the label in wxfalsecolor. You need to render an illuminance image (see below).



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