is there a way to keep the diva.exe running so it doesnt pop up for every iteration? Do you know what I mean?

I could also save some time if the diva.exe would just run the raytracing over and over again since the general settings are the same for the optimization process.

Thanks, Julian

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Hi Julian,

There's no option to suppress the console window when running the standard simulation components.  The batch runner can do this, but I'm not sure there's a sensible way to hook this up to galapagos.


Hi Jon,

thanks for your response.

It's really a shame. Diva suits perfectly in my setup and its way faster than others but with the windows popping up at every iteration it makes my computer unuseable during any optimization. And also every grasshopper timer component stops during the dive.exe window is open...

A way to just re-run the raytracing calculation itself while keeping the dive.exe (and the main settings) open would be perfect.

I checked out the batch runner, but yes, as I cant use the values from the calculation it makes no sense here. Do you may have qany other ideas? 

Thanks, Julian

Fair point.  I'll add an input to suppress.  This will keep Rhino/GH from stealing focus from other applications.  Not sure what you mean regarding timers, though.  The simulation components need to freeze the canvas until they finish... otherwise the GH solver doesn't make any sense.



ah so it needs to stop the GH solver so GH will only keep on solving with the values of finished calculation. Hm, ok, makes sense. So this of course also pauses al GH timer components... tricky... 

Maybe there is a way to just freeze/disable just the components important for the simulation and not the hole GH definition. But i know thats might be too much to ask.

Anyway, an option to supress diva.exe stealing the focus would be also very useful, thanks for you commitment!


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