I seem to be having an error with the LEED 2009 IEQ8.1 simulation. When the simulation results appear it says the total qualified area at 9 AM between 107 and 5382 lux is 90.3% and at 3 PM it is 82%. I then reloaded the metric for 3 PM from the grid based simulation folder and put the parameters to be between 107 and 5382 lux and the resulting area is 91.3%. Does anyone know what causes this discrepancy (82% vs 91.3%)? Does it take into account another parameter I'm missing? I also checked the 9 AM run, and the area matched: 90.3%. Thank you! 

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Hello Jennifer,

Could you zip up and send along your *.dat results files, and rhino file? I can take a look at it. I can't tell right away what is causing the error. 



Hi Jennifer,

It appears that is, in fact, and error in the LEED IEQ reporting (the files are fine). You should use the values generated when reloading the 3pm file, rather than from the LEED IEQ report number, in your case, the 91.3%.

This will be fixed in the next release. 



Thanks Kera!

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