My question is about DIVA v4 output for LEEDv.4 option 2. As you can see in the scond image attached, it shows total qualified area for 9 am and 3 pm that is between 0 and 100 fc! Shouldn’t this be 28 and 279 fc (300 and 3000 lux)! Is this wrong printing? Or the calculation is, in fact, for 0 and 100 fc?

In addition, please explain how DIVA calculates the "total qualified area" for 9 am and 3 pm, considering having multiple grids.

Moreover, LEED v4 option 2 asks for one "total qualified area" (see the first attached image) while DIVA provides two "total qualified area", one for 9 am and one for 3 pm. Should I get the average for LEED v4 option 2?



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Same question here and any reply? 

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