We have done several daylight project with DIVA and are familiar with the grid-based climate-based simulations as well as with the detailed shading controls. Now, we are trying to run a LEED v4 sDA+ASE calculation for the first time.

I looked through old questions, found Alstans presenation + talk about this feature, but am still  unsure how DIVA models the shades for the sDA-calculation.

- According to LM-83, the blinds are closed when 2 % of the nodes are hit with more than 1000 lux. So far, so good. How do I deal with different rooms/orientations and how do I tell DIVA which blinds to use when? I read somewhere, that the detailed shading controls are not used in the LEED v4 calculation?

- I need to give control nodes for the shade control. Can nodes be used for the sDA calculation AND as a control node or should I define the "node field" double?

- I have a room (open plan office) with windows on three sides, can DIVA handle this for the LEED v4 calculation?



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Hi all

I am picking up on a old question of mine, which never got answered. I understand the procedure better by now, but have not yet found a clear description of how the automated blinds work in the LEED v4 SDA+ASE simulation.

- Blinds are activated when 2 % of the nodes in a node group have a direct illuminance of > 1000 lux, correct?

- If one nodegroup requires blinds but other don't, how is the illuminance in these points at this time determined?

- Which shading factor is provided by the blinds?

- What is the optimal division in node groups? Better smaller number of points per node group? Adding more nodegroups for blinds control, how does this affect the calculation time?

Additional practical question: we are running a model, which was exported directly from ArchiCAD into Rhino. It is not a "clean" model, (poly)surfaces are overlapping with other (poly)surfaces without a clean split or intersection. Does this affect calculation time and accuracy? A small test model suggested not, but I would like to check. We usually like our models more tidy than this..



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