We have done several daylight project with DIVA and are familiar with the grid-based climate-based simulations as well as with the detailed shading controls. Now, we are trying to run a LEED v4 sDA+ASE calculation for the first time.

I looked through old questions, found Alstans presenation + talk about this feature, but am still  unsure how DIVA models the shades for the sDA-calculation.

- According to LM-83, the blinds are closed when 2 % of the nodes are hit with more than 1000 lux. So far, so good. How do I deal with different rooms/orientations and how do I tell DIVA which blinds to use when? I read somewhere, that the detailed shading controls are not used in the LEED v4 calculation?

- I need to give control nodes for the shade control. Can nodes be used for the sDA calculation AND as a control node or should I define the "node field" double?

- I have a room (open plan office) with windows on three sides, can DIVA handle this for the LEED v4 calculation?



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