I have a LEED v4 project that will be using Solatubes so I need to use Option 2 to test compliance with the Daylight credit.  

I am not seeing a calculation yet specifically for Option 2 but I noticed some GH definitions for determining the correct sky values.

Has anyone come up with, or is Diva working on, an Option 2 calculation & results display?

(The Option 2 Results button currently in Diva loads in data with a 0-100fc threshold - see attached results image.) 

Thank you in advance!


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Hi Sandy,

The GH components have no built-in feature for this, but it's pretty easy to do on your own.  Just set up two illuminance runs on 9/21 (9am, 3pm) with a clear sky, and count the fraction of grid sensors receiving the target lux (107-5382).  More than 75% gives you a point.


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