I have some questions regarding DIVA for GH Radiance Parameter for LEED v4 and would really appreciate some help.


1.  The parameter listed in DIVA is quite limited and I would like to find out more detailed settings. Something like the pic below from DIVA for rhino. http://diva4rhino.com/user-guide/getting-started/troubleshooting

Is there a file generated somewhere after each run with this kind of information?

2. IES LM-83-12 requires direct threshold to be set to 0 for sDA simulations.Can I just add on to the current setting?


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Hi Wei Yan,

More importantly than the dt value, DIVA-Grasshopper cannot yet implement the LM-83-12 shading controls specified for sDA simulation (only the DIVA toolbar in the 3.0 alpha can do this). We still set dt to 0.05, but this will be updated before the final release.

I believe that dt cannot be set from the command parameters there.



I was primarily working in the DIVA/GH environment for some preliminary study. It does seem DIVA/Rhino toolbar needs be utilitzed to realize the full capacity.

Anyway thanks a lot for the clarification and look forward to v3 final release!

Hi WeiYan

We have been using diva4grasshopper also for preliminary studies and then diva4rhino when making the full building documentation for LEEDv4.

You might be carefull about the automatic shading in DIVAv3 if the assigned shading material is not like the one you want to apply. I'm hoping that maybe DIVA can target a few layers (and materials) that will be enabled in the hours where shading is required (is it when each nodegroup has more than 2% of nodes in direct sun?).

Best, Mathias

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