My name is Emmanuel. I work at CUNY. I noticed a warning message on the DIVA license log, when I start the license server. But, the message is there. I also no longer see records of check-in and check-out activity. However, The workstations are able to license DIVA and save, etc. Please read below (i've edited it for privacy). We are running DIVA 4.0 in our labs. The license service is running on a Windows Server 2012 R2

[2016-11-01 09:02:03] Shutting down due to exit signal
[2016-11-01 09:02:12] LM-X License Server v4.4.2 build 14378 on XXX (Win32_x86)
[2016-11-01 09:02:12] Copyright (C) 2002-2012 X-Formation. All rights reserved.
[2016-11-01 09:02:12] Website: http://www.lm-x.com http://www.x-formation.com
[2016-11-01 09:02:12] License server has pid xxxxxx.
[2016-11-01 09:02:12] Serving licenses for vendor SOLEMMA.
[2016-11-01 09:02:12]
[2016-11-01 09:02:12] License server using TCP IPv4 port 3482.
[2016-11-01 09:02:12] License server using TCP IPv6 port 3482.
[2016-11-01 09:02:12] License server using UDP IPv4 port 6200.
[2016-11-01 09:02:12] Reading licenses...
[2016-11-01 09:02:12] License file(s):
[2016-11-01 09:02:12] C:\Users\administrator\Desktop\XXXXX_DIVA-License-Server\xxxxxx-xxxxx_xxx.lic
[2016-11-01 09:02:12] WARNING: Feature diva-grasshopper (v3.0) is ignored: (Err: 10) HostID does not match license.
[2016-11-01 09:02:12] WARNING: Feature diva-rhino (v3.0) is ignored: (Err: 10) HostID does not match license.
[2016-11-01 09:02:12] Log file path: .\solemma-diva-server.log
[2016-11-01 09:02:12] Log to stdout: Yes
[2016-11-01 09:02:12] Log format: Normal
[2016-11-01 09:02:12] Configuration file path: C:\Users\administrator\Desktop\XXXXX_DIVA-License-Server\solemma.cfg
[2016-11-01 09:02:12] WARNING: No licenses to serve.
[2016-11-01 09:02:12]
[2016-11-01 09:02:12] To administrate the license server go to page http://xxxx:3482
[2016-11-01 09:02:12] Ready to serve...

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Hi Emmanuel,

Please send me an e-mail directly at alstan@solemma.net. I presume there is a confluence of things going on here,

  1. The license server may have been moved to a new computer?
  2. CUNY doesn't have a DIVA-4.0 license yet.

We can get both of those items taken care of quickly via e-mail!



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