I have a problem with the simulation of two light pipe  that should lead the daylight into a room of 30 m², high 2.9. I shaped a simple room over a metal light tube with a high reflection, but I can not get a real look. I know that Run Photon Map has been implemented but I have no idea how to set it up. Could you help me with some directions?

Sorry for my English.


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Hi Alexander,

First, our pmap implementation is sadly limited -- only point-in-time renderings are supported at the moment.

That said, here is roughly the process you should follow:

  1. Make sure a specular material is assigned to your light pipes (metal w/ spectacular is fine).
  2. Make sure the surface normal of the surface points inside -- the direction where reflections should occur.
  3. Add a translucent or transparent surface covering the outside cap of the light pipe and assign it its own, individual material. This material will serve as the 'photon port' to save a lot of computation time for you.
  4. Run a visualization simulation with the "Run Photon Map" under "Advanced Parameters" checked. Make sure to set the Photon Port Material to the one covering your light pipe.

That should be it!



Thanks for the quick answer :-)

I do not know the third point. Do I have to add a further transparent surface over the manifold? Or do you refer to the collector himself?

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