Loading Metric Results / Illuminance Values (missing button)

Hello Diva Developers.

I know I have said it before but great job on this tool.

I don't know if this issue is a bug or if its related to the 30 day trial.

When I try loading the results (.dat file) for a grid point illuminance analysis I notice that the load simulation data button is missing. It seem to be there for the other simulation outputs.



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Hi Fabian,


I can't seem to reproduce this issue. This will sound strange, but can you upload the *.dat file in question and your C:\DIVA\Scripts\LoadMetrics.html file? I hope to trace the problem and fix it soon!




Hi Alstan,

I just found the problem, my laptop has a 15" screen (1366 x768 resolution). When I try to load the results from my laptop screen the button goes missing. But when I am running my laptop on and extended 19" screen (1280 x 1024 resolution) and switch Rhino to that screen the button reappears.

I have attached two screen shots for your review.


That is indeed a problem! Thanks for the input. I'll make sure to turn the scrollbar on in that dialog before our official and final release. Is the metrics dialog vertically clipped as well for you?

No the metrics dialog is fine. The image I loaded has the bottom and top clipped to hide the project name.

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