Hi all, 

I am doing an urban scale simulation and I would like to do everything on Grasshopper. May I ask if DIVA could

1) export the simulation results in csv format just like what DIVA (Rhino) does.

2) if so, how I am able to understand the location of the nodes in the csv file (I can understand the facing / orientation part but not the location of the nodes) 

Thanks a lot. 


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Well, one of the joys of Grasshopper is you can script just about anything you want.  So you can send points, vectors, and values to a file using a C# scripting component

private void RunScript(List<Point3d> pts, List<Vector3d> vec, List<double> data, ref object A)

    using (var sw = new StreamWriter("MyFilePath.csv"))
        for (int i = 0; i < pts.Count; i++)
            sw.WriteLine(pts[i].X + "," + pts[i].Y + "," + pts[i].Z + "," +
                vec[i].X + "," + vec[i].Y + "," + vec[i].Z + "," + data[i]);

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